“Clippies” – Feb 27 and 28


Can a summer job change your life? It’s summer in Madison and Marc, a UW freshman, has landed a job as a canvasser for PlantWatch, an environmental non-profit. Things aren’t going well until he’s befriended by Sage, a veteran canvasser (and talented amateur artist), who becomes a mentor and friend. A modern re-telling of the Pygmalion myth, “Clippies” is both a coming-of-age tale and a testament to the transformative power of art.

Please join us for a special presentation of “Clippies, or You Can Make a Difference!,” a new play by G.L. Kriewald. Brought to you by Clear Plastic Theater and Playwrights Ink, this performance will take place at Overture Center’s gorgeous Rotunda Studio, a true black box theater located adjacent to The Playhouse and Rotunda Stage. The piece will be done “workshop style” with minimal technical elements, thus pushing the story and text into the forefront. A post-show discussion will follow both performances, meant to provoke constructive criticism from the audience.


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